2-Layer PCB Manufacture Basic Fee

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2-Layer Standard PCB Manufacture Basic Fee


Basic Information
Technique: FR-4 1.6MM HASL Pb-Lead-Free Green Soldermask(optional), White Silkscreen, Fly-Probe-Testing(Line Width&Space>=0.15&0.15mm Via&Pad >= 0.3&0.6mm)
Lead Time7 working days.
Start By:USD25

Do not purchase this item alone

This item is for Basic Fee for those 2-Layer PCB boards.

To make a 2-Layer PCB manufacture order, you may purchase one 2-Layer PCB basic fee(USD25) first, then buy the total area you needed(area each PCB x Quantity), area costs link:


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1.We accept Protel 99se, Altium DXP and Gerber files ,Pls EMAIL THE PCB FILES and YOUR ORDER ID to PCB@orzparts.com

2.Usually within 24hours,we will reply this email for confirmation. After that, we'll wait another 24hours for your any further revise if required.

3.Pls notice that AFTER 24hours since we send the confirmation email from PCB@orzparts.com, we'll process your PCB at once, any revise and updates will not be accepted then.

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